Box Break: 2011 Goodwin Champions

Posted July 11, 2011 by Skyacev54
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2011 Goodwin Champions. If there was a product that Upper Deck could pull off without a license, it should be this. I normally am not excited for this product, but with all the crap that Panini has been putting out this year, the NFL lockout, and good Topps baseball and UD Hockey releases on the horizon I had no choice but to be excited for this product – hard-signed autographs, die-cut inserts, and all sorts of oddball things to find.

At this month’s trade day at Showtime Cards, I bought a box of these things and cracked them open. Here’s what I got for inserts:

  1. Box Topper – Queen Victoria Falls (Not Pictured)
  2. Goodwin Citizen Gustave Eiffel
  3. Figures of the Sport Jerry Rice
  4. Black Border “Lady Luck” mini Walt Frazier
  5. Black Border “Lady Luck” mini Mark Spitz
  6. Silver Foil mini Christine Sinclair
  7. Autograph Bill Laimbeer
  8. Memorabilia David Robinson (I like how he’s depicted)
  9. Scroll down to find out!!!




That’s right! I got the case hit entomolgy card. I never thought I would land one of these things. I’m hoping to receive a “pretty” bug, as my fiance would prefer. She’s not going to approve of a beetle. That’s o.k. though. One I”ll hang up on the wall, and the other I’ll just sell for some dough. Win-win.

This was a fun break. I never knew what I was going to get out of each pack. Some pack had Nolan Ryan in his ranching get-up holding a lasso, and another pack had a derby horse staring me down. I see more of these breaks in the future.


Box Break: 10-11 Crown Royale Hockey

Posted July 3, 2011 by Skyacev54
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Another box of Crown Royale Hockey. This product has been very good to my brother (Taylor Hall Silhouette /25). There was one box left at the LCS and I didn’t really want a whole bunch of cards to file away, so I picked this one up.

  1. Rookie Royalty Auto Mike Moore (#’ed 135/499)
  2. Teemu Selene Copper Parallel (#’ed 005/100)
  3. Legends Jersey Mario Lemieux (#’ed 081/100)
  4. Heirs to the Throne Signature Material Peter Regin (Redemption!)
  5. Scratching the Surface Auto Daniel Carcillo (Redemption!)



That’s right folks, two redemptions in a single $130 box of cards. I cursed out loud when I got the second redemption. Whatever, I’ve redeemed them and am patiently waiting for my cards of which I’ll be lucky to find anyone interested.

Panini is starting to annoy me more and more with every release. More redemptions, same designs, and increasingly watered-down checklists. I’m keeping a close eye on Topps as they seem to be making an effort this year with baseball and football. For hockey I think I”ll try to move more towards Upper Deck. I am interested in the Panini Luxury Suite, but I”m worried it’s going to be the hockey version of Plates and Patches. We’ll see how some of the early box breaks go.



Box Break: 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball

Posted July 3, 2011 by Skyacev54
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I decided to pick up a box of the 2010 Donruss EEE Baseball down at the LCS as it has been good to me in the past. In fact, my two boxes of 2009 box of Donruss were both hot boxes, yielding a spectacular amount of autographs including a Donovan Tate auto. The streak continues with yet another hot box! Although all of the autographs are in the $1 to $5 range, it was still very fun to open up hit and hit of autos. I won’t post everything I got (something like 20 inserts), so here are the highlights:

  1. Status Die-cut auto Justin Grimm (#’ed 06/50)
  2. Back to the Future Autographs Tyler Matzek
  3. Franchise Futures Auto Hayden Simpson (#’ed 430/599)
  4. Franchise Futures Auto Rob Brantly (#’ed 019/819)
  5. Franchise Futures Auto Dan Klein (#’ed 185/599)
  6. Collegiate Patches Auto Card Number 55 (Jonathan Jones)



The redemption had me for a bit. The cards on the checklist aren’t numbered but this redemption has one. I counted down the checklist until I got to the 55th name and “Kirk Gibson” was it. Maybe it was THE Kirk Gibson or just some kid sharing the same name. Either way, I was wrong because card number 55 belongs to a guy named Jonathan Jones who plays for Long Beach State. Eh, what can you do?

This hot box was definitely quantity over quality, but like I said up front it was a fun rip.


Guest Break: 10-11 Between the Pipes Hockey

Posted July 1, 2011 by Skyacev54
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My brother is busting boxes faster than I am. He’s got his hands on a recently released box of 10-11 BTP hockey. The past years of releases for this product have been quite attractive. The only unfortunate thing is that I don’t keep up with most of the checklist names for these kinds of releases. Despite that the simple design, hard-signed autographs, and large, game-used jerseys make these cards intrinsically valuable.

  1. 100 Years of Hockey Collecting Martin Brodeur
  2. Guarding the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge Net Gerry McNiel
  3. Masked Men III Rick DiPietro
  4. Masked Men III Dwayne Roloson
  5. Women of the Nets Charline LaBonte
  6. Game-Used Jersey Black Ty Conklin
  7. Game-Used Jersey Gold Chris Osgood
  8. Greats of the Game Authentic Goaliegraph Glenn Hall
  9. Stars of the Game Authentic Goaliegraph Nikolai Khabibulin
  10. Future Stars Authentic Goaliegraph Eddie Lack





If anyone knows much about these guys, please comment!

I’m Not Dead, I Promise!

Posted June 27, 2011 by Skyacev54
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Hey all,

I haven’t posted for quite some time and I wanted to let you all know that this blog isn’t going away. I was on a vacation about two weeks ago and just recently having to catch up with work due to it. I’ve been a bit behind on posting. I have 3 box breaks I want to share including *gasp* a baseball bust and I’ll be sure to do so soon.

Box Break: 10-11 Limited Hockey

Posted June 4, 2011 by Skyacev54
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I went down to the LCS on a rare weekday trek and decided to buy some cards. I did it in that order, for some reason. I didn’t think to myself that I wanted to buy some cards so I should go to the shop. No, my logic was reversed. I was in the mood to not bust a boat-load of cards. They had either a box of the Press Pass Legends football or a box of Limited hockey as far as relatively small breaks go. I decided against the Press Pass legends since they lack a license of any sort and it was pretty expensive.

Here’s what my “one redemption per box” break revealed:

  1. Base T.J. Oshie (#’ed 153/299)
  2. Base Tuukka Rask (#’ed 188/299)
  3. Base Legend Dan Bouchard (#’ed 245/299)
  4. Retired Numbers Johnny Bucyk (#’ed 022/199)
  5. Base Jersey Jeff Carter (043/199)
  6. Back To The Future Signatures Brian Leetch/Drew Doughty (Redemption!)
  7. Phenoms Logo Autograph Dave Hanson (#’ed 015/299)




Guaranteed 1 redemption per box! I knew that going into it so I was not disappointed when I saw it. Although there was a sliver of hope that I would escape that fate. I haven’t seen one of these autographs on eBay yet, which tells me that even though the product has been out for a year Panini still can’t get the autos produced. My redemption is supposed to take 4 months to complete.

The Dave Hanson autograph is really, really nice. The guy took his time to sign neatly and it results in a very good looking card. Thumbs up on this pull!

I’m hoping to get some more baseball breaks in the future here. It’s been quite a while since I busted any due to over-priced stuff, poor quality (warped cards), or inability to fulfill promises (Gypsy Queen). This years Topps Chrome seems promising and hopefully I can get into that. It better be less than $100 a box though. Otherwise, I’m going to have to wait some more.

Box Break: 2010-11 Pinnacle

Posted May 31, 2011 by Skyacev54
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Wow, it has been one busy week. This new job is kicking me in the ass in terms of time spent at work. Then, with this weekend being  a holiday weekend, I went to a few social gatherings/barbeques. I’m a bit late with posting a few of my latest cards, so I’ll start with a box of 10-11 Pinnacle Hockey that I bought about two weeks ago.

I remember this stuff from when it originally came out. The set had some decent photography and good color cariety to them. I think I have a few Pinnacle baseball cards in a can somewhere in my closet. This latest set sticks to the great photography and brings in some fun inserts. It’s priced pretty decently as well, so I picked up a box. Here’s the hits:

  1. Ice Breakers Cam Fowler
  2. Chemistry on Canvas Joe Thornton/Dany Heatley
  3. City Lights Jersey Zach Bogosian (#’ed 162/499)
  4. City Lights Jersey Jeff Deslauriers (#’ed 156/499)
  5. City Lights Autograph Shawn Thorton (#’ed 068/100)
  6. City Lights Patch Paul Stastny (#’ed 07/25)




No superstars for hits, but I wasn’t expecting to get any to begin with. A Bruins autograph of anyone is pretty good right now, with them being the playoffs. Shawn isn’t too shabby of a pull, I must say. He did some good in the games against the Lightning. It’s going to be tough for the Bruins though, they are going up against some good talent in the Canucks.

I was disappointed that I came a few cards away from the base set, but that’s they way it is with most boxes these days. The biggest irk I have is the “guarantee” on the back of the jersey cards:

“The enclosed swatch is guaranteed by Panini America.”

What in the soaring monkey feces does that mean? I haven’t checked on the other sets for this useful phrase but this kinda pisses me off. It’s obviously not game used and I can live with that, but what is it? I guess it’s a guarantee that the player pictured wore some jersey that Panini provided. Perhaps it was a jersey tossed in the same hamper as the guy’s pants, socks, and underwear and so can be “guaranteed” due to contact with the player’s DNA? Pretty annoying if you ask me.

I won’t pick up another box, as I consider this some average stuff. I don’t want three quarters of another base set and I don’t want Panini’s lame guarantee. However, this set has some great photography and I can see myself taking a gander at these cards 10, 15, 20 years down the road and getting kick out of some of the images.

If you are going to buy this, buy it for the base set and non-hit inserts. The jersey card and autographs are just sidebar additions. Go in with that mindset, and you’ll be happy.